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Security Policy|Motor Vehicle Accident Compensation Fund

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Security Policy

Internet Safety Protection Measures

  1. We use an Internet intrusion detection system to detect any unauthorized persons attempting to upload or amend webpage information or create intentional destruction.
  2. We have installed a firewall to prevent illegal intrusion as well as the destruction and theft of information. This is to avoid illegal website use and guarantee the web users’ rights.
  3. We have set up an anti-virus system, which regularly checks for viruses. This is to provide the user with a more secure browsing environment.
  4. We periodically and otherwise, simulate hacker attacks to drill the system’s response procedures in the event of any incidents.
  5. We periodically and otherwise, download and promptly update vendor-announced recovery programs aimed at system vulnerabilities, in order to prevent attacks and ensure website security.

Amendments to our Information Security Policy

Motor Vehicle Accident Compensation Fund website will amend this policy at non-specified times, in order to comply with the latest information security policy standards. When major amendments are made to the regulations concerning our information security policy, we will make an online announcement to inform you of matters relating to these amendments.

If you have any questions concerning our information security policy, please write directly to our suggestion box.