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Compensation Info|Motor Vehicle Accident Compensation Fund


Compensation Info

Required Documents

The claimant shall submit the original copy of the following documents for compensation claim:

Required Documents Medical Expense Disability Benefits Death Benefits
Claim form
Identification of the Claimant
Documents certifying the intervention of police or other related documents.
Diagnosis issued by a qualified physician and related information in medical record if needed.    
Receipts for medical expenses from qualified medical institution, or copies with both a stamp certifying the identity to the original ones and the receipt-specialized seal of the medical institution.    
Signed agreement to the inspection of medical record.    
Receipt of Motor Vehicle Accident Compensation Fund and the notice of executing the right of subrogation.
No payment from the one liable for the damages.
Court verdict, compromise or conciliation de- position, or copy of compromise or conciliation record if decided in any civil or criminal procedure, compromised or conciliated in the mediation committee in villages, towns and cities.
Any evidence or documents useful for subrogation and recovery.
Diagnosis issued by a medical institution or physician that, pursuant to the Payment Standards, is qualified in determining the disability level, as well as the x-ray and related medical record if needed. In case of off-shore islands without the aforementioned institutions, “A” class diagnosis from a qualified physician is also acceptable.    
Signed agreement to physical re-examination.    
Death Certificate, autopsy report by the Prosecutors Office of local courts, and related information in medical record if needed or other certificate documents.    
The whole household registry certificate requested by the Claimant after the death of the Injured Party.    

Payment Standard of the Fund

The personal injury medical expenses benefits is limited to NT$200,000 per person, Disability benefits is limited to NT$2,000,000, the benefit for loss of life shall be NT$2,000,000 per person for in any one automobile traffic accident. The benefit limit for loss of life, disability and bodily injury medical expenses in any one automobile traffic accident shall be NT$2,200,000 per person, no limited per accident.

The Legal Effect of Payment

Compensation paid by the Fund as provided will be deemed part of the damages payable by the party liable for damages, and may be deducted by that party when subject to a claim for damages. After paying compensation, the Fund may be subrogated to the claimant’s right of claim against the party liable for damages. The right of damages under the preceding paragraph shall be extinguished if not exercised within two years of the date on which compensation is paid by the Fund.