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Other Objects of Claims|Motor Vehicle Accident Compensation Fund


Other Objects of Claims

Claims against a claimant

a. When a claimant has received damages from a party liable for damages, the Compensation Fund shall deduct the amount of such damages when making its own compensation payment. When a deductible amount is not deducted, the Compensation Fund may claim for return of compensation within the limit of the deductible amount.
b. After paying the compensation, the Compensation Fund discovered that the victim is in one of situations listed as below:
1. The injury or death suffered by the victim was not the result of a traffic accident.
2. The injury or death suffered by the victim was the result of the victim's deliberate or criminal actions(such as drunk driving, etc.).
3. The victim is the driver who was involved in a one-vehicle traffic accident.
4. Other individual cases of compensation claims in which the Compensation Fund should not pay compensation.


Claims against the insurers

When, after payment of compensation by the Compensation Fund, it is found that the accident vehicle is an insured automobile under the CALI, the Compensation Fund may claim against its insurer for return of the compensation.